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Service Descriptions

General Investigations

Investigating and documenting services for court presentations and proprietary information

Missing Person Investigations

Our investigators have become proficient in the successful search for person(s) who may be long lost parents, spouses, friends, or children. We have been able to find almost everyone who has been reported by concerned clients. When contacting us regarding locating someone, please provide as much detail as you can about the person. Let us know if you have a last known address, birth date, social security number, etc…, as this will allow us to better determine what can be done and provide a specific cost proposal.

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Background Investigations

Our background investigators collect information and evidence pertaining to all activities, past and present, of subject under investigation.  We locate prior residence, educational background, current financial condition, criminal history, and matrimonial history.

We also perform military and professional employment background checks. When necessary, we interview former neighbors and co-workers, with the proper authorization in hand, and with a view of the law on the case. If you have doubt regarding the background of a potential business partner, employee, spouse, or significant other, there is often “something” which we need to explore for you.

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Infidelity Investigations

Most people generally know what we can do for divorce cases. We conduct surveillance efforts to see if someone is cheating, financial check to see if they are hiding money or assets, and background checks on the people that are involved in the situation. Even if you only suspect that spouse or significant other is being unfaithful, let us know. We can promise you they will never realize they are being investigated.

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This term is most often misused and misunderstood. It simply means the act of  “keeping a watch over” someone or something.  This is exactly what our trained investigators do. When we are called upon to maintain surveillance on a cheating spouse, suspected thief, fraudulent company, etc…, we gather admissible evidence to support our findings. All surveillance is done with cameras, video camcorders, and long range still cameras.

We normally conduct our surveillance efforts in several 2-4 hour sessions over several days to allow us to maximize the coverage of a subject without wasting our clients money. We won’t just “sit there” in one location all day long without good reason or when nothing important is being observed.

Written reports are furnished on each case. The reports are supported by photographs, videotapes, and relevant documentation.

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Bail Recovery Investigations

We conduct Bail Recovery Investigations by using database technology, networking, basic criminal investigation and experience we locate fugitives on behalf of the surety of the bail bond. We are different from most other agencies in that we go out of our way to lower your liability when locating bail fugitives.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are looking for a recovery agency that will break doors and drag your bail fugitives to by their hair, then you will need to contact another agency.

We do not pretend to be law enforcement to do our job. We work hard to forge lasting relationships with local law enforcement agencies, and to maintain good community relationships by treating all individuals with the utmost respect and dignity.

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Other Investigative Services

Criminal Defense Investigations

We at Domestic Security Investigations believe that the defense of any person accused of a crime is the most important task to be accepted by us. We know from experience that it is the information collected by this agency, which provides to the defense attorney the evidence required to properly undertake the representation of the accused.

We investigate each criminal case with all out effort. Our investigators initially review the police reports, witness statements and recorded documentation of all authorities. We will examine available depositions and alleged accusatory evidence. We personally interview all viable witnesses and investigate every accusation including rumors, suspicions, remarks, and alibi explanations. We will find any evidence of an alternate defendant, that is if the alleged facts or accusations fit another theory of the alleged crime, then we pursue that.

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Child Abuse/Custody Investigations

We conduct in depth investigations and covert surveillance operations with the aim to provide evidence to assist the courts in determining the suitability of parents in custody cases.  These types of investigations are difficult and many times intangible details overlooked can create a misconception of what an investigator can or can’t do. Therefore due to the complex nature of Child Custody investigations we recommend that you take the time to inquire into about our free consultation. Please call us and we will discreetly help you the best we can.

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Civil Process Service

Domestic Security Investigations can serve court papers to a wide variety of organizations. Basic service consists of delivery of court document to the indicated receiver. Each process is given up to three attempts before the indicated receiver is declared “NON-EST”.  Additional charges are incurred for rush delivery, address discovery for persons whose addresses are unknown, and for testimony in court regarding the process service.

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Armed Security Officers

Domestic Security Investigations, armed security officers in the agency uniform or plainclothes, are trained to escort individuals carrying large amounts of valuable property including jewelry, cash, real property, etc… Our security officers are highly trained at providing the highest levels of security while not impeding the daily routine of the person being guarded. We are expert at identifying and reacting to any potential situation so as to not endanger the client or valuables.

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Witness Protection Services

When building evidence in criminal cases, attorneys seek to secure witnesses that can help incriminate the guilty. Always on the minds of the witness is their safety and security. DSI specializes in providing witness protection before, during, and after trials as needed. Our team of specially trained current and former law officers, along with experience personal protection specialists are hand picked to ensure that our clients receive the best protection available. In addition to offering both personal security and protection services, DSI can also secure housing facilities by providing on site security twenty four hours a day.

At DSI, the client’s safety is our main concern.  We work closely with legal teams and law enforcement agencies to provide witness protection in an effort to see justice being served. Our team is here to protect your witnesses by using the latest security measures, protection tactics and surveillance equipment.

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